Martina Mrongovius and Nick Normal are pretty awesome artists.

Martina is a genius with light, and Nick is a crafty fool. Together, they’re presenting Holoscape for the 2009 Conflux Festival.

Martina Mrongovius

Martina began making holograms in the Optics Lab at RMIT University around 1999/2000 – learning between books in the library, creative experiments and physics insight from A/Prof Phil Wilksch. Then in London she worked with Dr Martin Richardson at The Holographic Image Studio who allowed her to experiment between commercial projects. Returning to Melbourne and the Lab at RMIT she completed Applied Physics (honours) with a project on holographic projection, which was also presented at the exhibition Hover… (2004 Next Wave Festival). Since then she has travelled between holography labs to develop and create holographic images.

Currently she is working with the Korean HOLOcenter and the Center for the Holographic Arts, NY and developing a PhD (by project) at the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory, SIAL.


Nick Normal

Nick, or simply “Normal”, is an installation artist and cultural activator. He acquired his BA in Fine Art (Honours) from Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design in London in 2004, studying on the 2D course but consistently producing 3-dimensional installations and environments activated by audiences. He has a hands-on approach to working with materials and simultaneously champions the idea that information is a medium unto itself. He has been described as “a librarian, archeologist, statesman, and anarchist” (Cassie Thornton, Most Things Are Beautiful blog).

He has exhibited internationally in Hong Kong, London, Budapest, Chicago & New York City. Currently he is the Director of Education for the 15-year-young artist collective Flux Factory, he blogs part-time, and he’s a major supporter and explorer of the borough of Queens (see here and here).

this project is part of the Center for the Holographic Arts 2009 Exhibition Program . . .nyscanyscanysca   read more here